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Book #25 -- Joan Bauer, Peeled, 248 pages.

Everyone in Banesville knows the Ludlow House is haunted. But when even more strange things start happening than usual, Banesville is suddenly on the map as one of the most haunted towns in New York. But something more sinister is going on in Banesville than can be attributed to Old Man Ludlow's ghost. The Mayor's acting cagey, strange men have been bullying landowners, and an unscrupulous developer from Boston has shown up looking like Christmas has come early. And with the local newspaper only feeding the fires of fear, high school reporter Hildy Biddle may be the only one who can get to the bottom of this all-too-human conspiracy.

This is a wonderful look at how the media can be used (or misused) to influence public opinion, and the insidious nature of fear-mongering.

Book #26 -- Carrie Vaughn, Steel, 294 pages.

Jill Archer is a teen fencing champion, still stinging from a recent defeat. But when she finds a rusted rapier point in the Bahama sand and is transported back to when the blade was new -- the 16th century Carribbean - Jill realizes that fencing tournaments are nothing like fighting for your life. Pressed into service to pirate queen Marjorie Cooper, Jill must learn the harsh ways of the sea - and stay alive long enough to find her way home.

What can I say - fencing and *pirates* This book was written for me. One of the most enjoyable reads I've read in awhile.

Book #27 -- Rebecca Godfrey, The Torn Skirt: A Novel (P.S.), 199 pages.

This one I'm afraid I really couldn't get into. This first-person story of a confused young girl wantonly chasing her own self-destruction just didn't ring true to me, but that could just be because I've never really felt the urge to fuck up my own life like that.

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2011 Book List

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