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April Reads

25.  The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas
26.  Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Patillo  Emma Grant after finding her husband in a compromising position with a younger woman and with her career ended as well she heads off to England where a widow supposedly has the lost letters of Jane Austen in her possession.  However in order to get the letters she needs to fulfill a number of tasks where she learns more about herself and her marriage.  Along the way she runs into Adam an old friend who is also staying in the same house that she is.  The ending is different than the usual ending to a romance novel.
27.  Spin the Plate by Donna Anastasi Jo is an incest survivor who meets Francis by chance on the subway on the way to work.  Francis is fascinated by her the first time that he meets her and when he finally gets the courage to ask her out he finds out the secrets that she has been keeping.  Francis also has some secrets of his own that he eventually reveals to Jo.  This is a good book that deals with the painful issue of incest and the aftereffects that it has on adult survivors.  Jo also has a gentle nature to her that she tries to hide from the world even though she does reveal it to Francis causing him to be more interested in her.
28.  Exposing Amber by Elizabeth Goddard  Amber is a young summer intern at a small museum where she meets museum director Brandon who is over ten years older than her.  The sparks fly between them in spite of the age difference, however when Amber’s past is discovered and a valuable artifact is missing Amber is blamed for it.  However Brandon also has a secret from his past.
29.  Bride in Training by Gail Martin    Martin is having problems with his newly adopted dog,  Nessie however when he turns to Emily for assistance with training the dog.  While caring for the dog, Martin gets to know Emily and sparks fly between the two.  This is a sweet story that uses a dog as a matchmaker which is an interesting concept.
30.  Mended Heart by Marry Manners
31.  A Man’s Heart by Lori Copeland  Jules has called off her engagement twice for Cruz, the second time was so that she could go to school in order to learn better methods of potato farming in order to help at her father’s farm.  When she comes back to town after her father’s death and her graduation from college Cruz is still single though he doesn’t trust her.  Jules hasn’t seen any good examples of marriage with her parents divorcing at a young age.  Also her best friend Sophie had gone through two bad marriages with a child from each one.  When Sophie dies from cancer Jules takes in her two young children until she feels that Cruz and his brother, Adan are capable to care for them.  This act does bring Jules in contact with Cruz again.  Jules showed real concern in wanting to make sure who she wanted to marry before she did, she didn’t want to make the same mistakes that Sophie or her parents made.  She does learn a family secret from her sister Crystal which causes her to understand her parent’s divorce better.  This story is representative of the people in a small town those who rely on their faith to help them get through the hard times and those who marry and divorce multiple times.
32.  Serena by Ron Rash
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