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book 45

Soul Eater #5 by Atsushi Ohkubo

I have to say I find the art in the anime far superior to the mangaka’s style. There was too many proportion issues and Gumby bodies for me but, the art isn’t why I keep coming back to this manga. It took a little while but once we get to this point, the storyline has truly hit its stride. The art might not please me but the story garners some real strength and clarity here. These are characters I’ve come to care about.

It’s DWMA’s party and the witch, Medusa, has plans to make this a disaster. She is at the party in her disguise as the school nurse, to distract the one person she sees as a threat: Dr. Franken Stein. She might even feel some real attraction to him but unfortunately for her, he sees her for what she is.

However, before Stein can act, Medusa’s companions have taken advantage of ahaving all the students, meisters, weapons and Lord Death in one place at the party, locking them in. Only quick thinking from Sid frees Stein, Maka, Soul, Kid, Patti, Liz, Black Star and Tsubaki (i.e the three main teams) before they’re sealed in. Spirit, Stein’s former weapon and Lord Death’s current one, got free as well.

Medusa is trying to free the kishin to spread his madness. She battles Stein/Spirit, while the three teams of kids go after Wolf and Eruka and Crona/Ragnarok. Maka is supposed to help Kid with Eruka and Wolf but she decides to pay Crona back for hurting Soul in earlier chapters. During this battle, we learn a lot about Crona, Medusa and the black blood inside of Soul.

This volume ramps up the action and the plot. If a reader has been a bit wishy washy on this series, this volume should decide them one way or the other. It’s worth hanging on until you get to this point.

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