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books 27-37

27. 'shakespeares trollop' charlaine harris
28. 'shakespeares councellor' charlaine harris
29. 'today i'm alice' alice jamieson
30. 'the tudor wife' emily purdy
31. 'pretty little liars - wicked' sara shephard
32. 'pretty little liars - killer' sara shephard
33. 'storm front' jim butcher
34. 'oh mexico!' lucy neville
35. 'the white queen' philippa gregory
36. 'fool moon' jim butcher
37. 'percy jackson and the lightning thief' rick riordan

27 & 28 finishing off the lily bard series. they are easy to read. biggest issue that i have with them, and it's not a huge deal, is that they seem to come together right at the end and sometimes you don't always know how they came up with their conclusions. but, as they're easy enough to read and the characters are mostly likable, i don't have too many complaints.

29. was very interesting. about a woman with multiple personalities brought on by being molested by her father as a child. her life had been a rollercoaster of trying to remember what she'd forgotten and dealing with the other personalities she had accumulated along the way. it's very in-your-face and blunt, but i think that's what i liked so much about it. it was gritty and honest.

30. i read a lot about the tudor period. the thing about this story is that instead of being told with the focus being on any of henry VIII's wives, it was on jane parker, the woman that married george boleyn and accused him of being in an adulterous relationship with his sister, anne, the queen of england. her fate wasn't much better later on when she chooses to help another of henry's queens to see her lover in secret.

31 & 32 fifth and sixth books in this series of eight. i quite like these books. i can't help myself. a bit of a guilty pleasure really. they're not challenging at all, they're just entertaining.

33 & 36 are from the same series. these were a recommendation from a friend. they're good. the main character is the only advertised wizard and he often is asked to help out the local police on investigations when they get a little too weird for normal crimes. you meet new supernatural creatures as you go along the series. the main character is good. he's tough but full of fear, yet reckless. an interesting combination.

34. i bought this book because i've always wanted to go to mexico. i really enjoyed this woman's journey into another country from mine and how she went about living her life and making friends to trying to fit in. it was a great book, full of life and humour.

35. i'm a fan of philippa gregory. i haven't read anything much of hers for a while but i picked this one up at a book market and found it fascinating. i don't know anything much about the war of the roses, but this was a good start. there was a fairly big focus on the witchcraft aspect, which apparently was rumoured around elisabeth (edwards's wife) often. it was a fascinating story and i'm looking forward to grabbing a copy of the red queen and seeing what's next.

37. this was given to me to read by one of my students (i teach primary school). he loved it and wanted to share it with me. i quite liked it. for a kid's book, it was different. combining the ancient greek gods with the modern world and sending kids off on magical quests.


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