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book 47

Ouran High School Host Club #15 by Bisco Hatori

This one is a mix of silliness and darkness, like most of them. Tamaki is still down from the things that have happened in previous chapters and from his injury so the club has engineered a contest that’s designed to do a few things, to cheer him up and to help another young lady to be honest about her feelings (and maybe even get Tamaki and Haruhi to do the same). It works. Tamaki finally realizes he’s been an idiot about the whole Haruhi is my daughter thing.

Naturally, Tamaki being Tamaki goes completely overboard with his love and pretty much sees himself as marrying Haruhi. This naturally doesn’t sit well with Hikaru who challenges Tamaki to see which can find the best birthday present for Haruhi. On the other hand, Haruhi is so afraid of what she might be feeling can’t even be nice to Tamaki. Only Hikaru is honest with his feelings.

On the darker side, there is something going on with a Suoh family lawyer, Grandma Suoh and Haruhi’s father that Kyouya is looking into (guessing that Grandma Suoh is trying to maneuver the poor girl away from her unloved grandson). Also Mori and Hunny are graduating and moving on to Ouran’s college but to completely different fields of study. They look like they’re taking it well or are they?

There’s also a cute little side story in this one too. Enjoyable as usual but Tamaki was a little too dumb for me this time. I like looking under his stupid shell but we didn’t get to do that too much this time.
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