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Red Tam Thursday Education

The Education of Robert Nifkin, by Daniel Pinkwater
Hilarious in spots, affecting in other spots, pretty thin on plot ... not a major Pinkwater, but I still enjoyed it.

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, by Jasper Fforde
Once I adjusted to the weird context of ThursdayNextWorld again, this was great. A romp, a delight.

Superman: Red Son, by Mark Millar et al
Great idea - Superman as a member of the Great Soviet rather than an all-American boy, but the characterization was wooden and the conclusion sucked. Some of the world-buiilding worked really well and some of it was clunky. Mixed bag, not sorry I read it, would've rather some other writer I like better had written it.
(89/200; 54/100)

Tam Lin, by Pamela Dean (reread)
I first read this book about twenty years ago, and I remembered that I loved it, and still had small fragments of image or character or language from it rattling around in my memory, without remembering the story. There is a major plot point that, had it come to mind before I started reading, would've led me to put off this reread for a few months until it did not entangle itself so closely with what someone dear to me is going through. Still, I enjoyed reading it, and remembering reading it, immensely.
(90/200; 55/100)

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