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book 64

Stiff ; the curious lives of human cadavers by Mary Roach

I went into this with expectations. The reviews promised funny and fascinating and it was neither. It was sporadically interesting and her humor hit me all wrong. Mostly I found it annoying to downright offensive, like the comment about Chief Dull knife, 'I presume wasn't a comment on his intelligence' or something to that effect. Why even suggest it?

Among the chapters were ones on teaching cadavers for anatomy labs and continuing surgical education, the history of resurrectionists (two things I already was well familiar with) Body farms studying decay and using bodies in crash tests for cars (now that was new to me)

Then I started losing interest completely with chapters on using the remains to figure out plane crashes, using them to prove. Disprove the Shroud of Turin and use by the military. I wasn't much more interested in the decapitation chapter or the alternative disposal chapter and especially bored by the chapter about herself.

I did like chapter 10 up to a point. It was about the historic uses of cadavers/mummies in medicine which is gruesome but I find it fascinating. But the last half of the chapter was about the Chinese eating aborted fetuses and some brothers selling human dumplings and neither story proved to be true at least not completely. Why waste me time with untruths? Why not use known cannibals like Jeffery Dalhmer or Peter Kurten if that was the point? Why use something that ended up being false? And she got to travel to china writing this book? Wow.

Sadly, I found the fascinating gems too hidden in the meandering drivel. I didn't enjoy this much. probably wouldn't read more from her.

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