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June Reading

16. Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, Illustrated by Gabriel Ba, 192 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2008 (The Umbrella Academy, Volume 1). Not your average superhero comic, featuring 7 children who were raised to prevent the end of the world. They grow up broken in their own special ways, making the effort to regroup and prevent one of their own from ending the world more than a little interesting. 4.5/5

17. Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Illustrated by Gabriel Ba, 172 pages, Graphic Novel, Paperback, 2009 (The Umbrella Academy, Volume 2). Our superheroes are trying to cope with the events from Apocalypse Suite when Number 5 attracts a lot of unwanted attention. We learn how he returned from the future, looking like he had never aged, and of the temporal agency who demand he be involved in "correcting" the JFK assassination. 5/5

18. Tess Gerritsen, Vanish, 401 pages, Mystery, Paperback, 2005 (Jane Rizzoli Series, Book 5). Human trafficking, war profiteering, and government conspiracies - Detective Rizzoli really knows how to complicate her delivery. 4/5

19. Tess Gerritsen, The Mephisto Club, 429 pages, Mystery, Paperback, 2006 (Jane Rizzoli Series, Book 6). Gruesome murders with occult symbology lead Det. Jane Rizzoli to a club of wealthy and powerful people who are very interested in the nature of true evil. 4/5
Tags: graphic novel, mystery

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