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Book 37 for 2011

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. 375 pages

The story of a twelve year old boy who discovers that his father was one of the Greek gods and lands in a huge heap of trouble as a result.

There were a few bits about the book that troubled me - the book takes the all-too-frequent simplistic route of equating ugliness with evil and excuses Aphrodite being unfaithful to her husband Hephaestus because "he isn't exactly handsome" and also uses the word "cripple" several times when referring to apparently disabled characters[1].  On the other hand this point of view was ascribed to twelve-year old kids, who may not have the sophistication or sensitivity to understand why this is wrong.

Apart from that it was an entertaining, well-written story that kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next, but I'm hoping the next book in the series has the characters acquiring a bit more understanding.

[1] Two of these are a centaur and a satyr disguising their supernatural natures, but the character who uses the word doesn't know that at the time.

Tags: fantasy, young adult

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