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Book #52 -- A. LaFaye, The Keening, 224 pages.

Lyza knows her father is a bit odd. When he's carving in his workshop, he often forgets to eat or sleep unless her mother makes him come in. His words don't always make sense, and it's sometimes like he sees a whole different world than the rest of them. But Lyza loves her father, and she wouldn't do anything to change him, no matter what the village kids say. But when Lyza's mother dies suddenly of an illness, Lyza's world is turned upside down. Without her mother there to ground him, Lyza's father seems to drift further away into that other world, and some of the people in the village are talking about sending him away to the workfarm where all the crazy people go. If Lyza wants to keep them together, she has to decipher the clues her mother left behind to protect her family. But that other world has its claws in Lyza too.

Book #53 -- Lilith Saintcrow, Night Shift (Jill Kismet, Hunter, Book 1), 352 pages.

This is pretty much just pure brain candy. It's your typical kick-ass chick fights the monsters that go bump in the night story. The style is a bit too cinematic - there's only so many times I need to read that Jill's trenchcoat swirls around her ankles as she turns or that the charms in her hair tinkle. Also, the action gets a little bogged down when the author stops to describe every single motion in some kick-ass martial arts move. Narrative quirks aside, it's still an enjoyable representation of the genre.

Progress toward goals: 200/365 = 54.8%

Books: 53/100 = 53.0%

Pages: 16982/30000 = 56.6%

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