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Zombie Loan #11 by Peach Pit

Next to impossible to review since it winds up one major story arc and begins another. It’s so hard not to spoil things. Let’s go with the bulk of this volume is the end game with LaoYe, Shito, Chika and the others. It’s not a pretty fight. Not everyone wins or lives. Some big things get revealed and some things were about as clear as mud.

Once the dust clears, and they go home things are not the same. And they’re about to get worse. The Ferrymen who control the Akashic records have decided that all zombies legal or otherwise are contradictions to the universe and therefore must be erased. 3 out of 5 stars

Fairy Tail #13 by Hiro Mashima

Sometimes I get embarrassed to be reading something so much fan service. This is one of those times. There’s actually nice and sweet final chapter for Ezra and the slaves she grew up with.

In the meantime, Fairy Tail’s guild has been rebuilt with much extravagance. There’s a silly chapter with a reporter running around interviewing everyone but Lucy who’s trying to get his attention in all the worst ways. Then comes the Fantasia where they’ll chose a Miss Fairy Tail and I admit it, I hate beauty pageants. I don’t see Erza doing this but she does and it’s sort of eyerollingly bad (or funny depending on your point of view)

But there is a darker underbelly to this all. The guild master’s grandson, Laxus, an arrogant and powerful wizard thinks his grandfather has turned the guild into a joke. He challenges them in a very well laid out trap to beat him and his followers or all the Miss Fairy Tails will die. 3 out of 5 stars

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