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Book 79: How to Leave Twitter by Grace Dent

Book 79: How to Leave Twitter.
Author: Grace Dent, 2011.
Genre: Humour. Internet.
Other Details: Paperback. 199 pages.

Three years ago Grace Dent joined Twitter and after some hesitation found herself addicted to the all consuming social networking site. How to Leave Twitter (Subtitled: My Time as Queen of the Universe and Why This Must Stop) is her wickedly witty guide to Twitter, that is not only hilarious but actually quite informative.

Dent advises on the stages of Twitter addiction (How to Join Twitter) as well as how to justify your Twitter addiction to non-Tweeting friends and family (I found this section very useful); the upsides, such as live tweeting for events and telly programmes, keeping abreast of breaking news and the like; the downsides, mainly consisting of other people's annoying Tweeting habits (this is a section pretty much everyone on Twitter, if they are honest, will blush over as they recognise themselves); celebrities on Twitter (a very useful FAQ on the phenomena) and of course, How to Leave Twitter, or at least how to take a break and reclaim your life.

I really could relate as like Dent I created an account a while back and began following a few notable people and then drifted away wondering what all the fuss was about. Personally I remained in what Dent describes as the 'Resisting Twitter' stage until a few months ago when an invite to experience Eurovision 2011 via Twitter was so much fun that it caused me to skip over all the intermediate steps to become a full blown convert and semi-addict.

After finishing this I felt that it should be essential reading for anyone on Twitter or for those considering joining, though the level of in-jokes might be off-putting. I'm also not sure how well Dent's razor-sharp snarky humour will be received outside the UK though that is a matter of individual taste.

Alongside the material about Twitter, she includes some quite pointed rants, such as how the editors of women magazines tend to change her rather caustic style making her seem more warm and fuzzy. She is full of praise about how vocal women are on Twiiter and also how it has proved revolutionary for her work as a television critic as she is able to get the buzz on what people are watching and/or mocking. A little book full of gems and LOLs.

Grace Dent's 100 Things About Me & Twitter - extract of the book from 'The Guardian' where Ms Dent often writes.
Tags: british, comedy, internet

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