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Books: 1 - 4

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1. Deeper Than The Dead
by Tami Hoag

genre: FBI thriller/mystery

The concept of this book makes it extremely interesting. It's set in 1985 right at the beginning of the FBI's Behavorial Science Department. Profiling is fairly new and not many people trust it to solve real crimes. This book begins with four ten-year-olds finding a dead body in the woods and how this affects them, their families and their community. The characters had depth and the fact that the reader was able to see it from the kid's POV.

Recommended: Mixed feelings on this book. It's well written and interested but the angst is a little heavy-handed.

title or description title or description

2. Fables: Volume 12 – The Dark Ages
3. Fables: Volume 13: Great Fables Crossover

by Bill Willingham

genre: fantasy literature/graphic novel

Following the defeat of the Adversary, the Fables find themselves picking up the pieces of their lives and community but before they know it trajedgy strikes and a new evil takes over. To stop the world from ending the Fables must join forces with Jack and the Literals before they lose everything they've fought for.

Recommended: I absolutely love these two volumes. The twists and shocks are delicious. There's a wonderful flow to the story now and the art is fantastic.

title or description

4. Point Blank
by Catherine Coulter

genre: FBI thriller

Tenth book in Coulter's Savich and Sherlock's FBI thriller series. One of Savich's own is almost murdered while treasure hunting and falls into the mysterious death of a college student while Dylan and Sherlock fight a new criminal that has ties to one of the past cases.

Recommended: Pretty good. Not one of my favorites in this series but it's worth a quick read.
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