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Book #56 -- Will Shetterly, Elsewhere, 248 pages.

More of the Bordertown re-read. Gods I love this series.

Book #57 -- Jill Wolfson, Cold Hands, Warm Heart, 256 pages.

This story interweaves two lives - 15-year-old Dani who receives a desperately-needed heart transplant, and 14-year-old Amanda, whose sudden death gives Dani a chance at life.

Book #58 -- Pamela Ehrenberg, Tillmon County Fire, 175 pages.

The teens surrounding a mysterious arson in a small Appalachian town each tell their stories - a religious zealot, the new kid who happens to be gay, the pregnant girl who works at the hardware store, and a pair of identical twins - only one of whom has diminished mental capacity. It actually works quite well.

Book #59 -- K. L. Going, The Garden of Eve, 240 pages.

Forced to move halfway across the country after the death of her mother, Evie doesn't understand her father's obsession with the dead apple orchard they now own. The people in the nearby town claim that it's a curse that stops the trees from producing - a curse connected to the mysterious disappearance 40 years earlier of a young girl - also called Eve. Evie doesn't know what to think, especially after she meets Alex - a strange boy who seems to live in the local graveyard.

Book #60 -- Jennifer Bryant, Kaleidoscope Eyes, 272 pages.

When Lyza's grandfather - a cartographer - dies, he leaves Lyza a key and a map: clues to the famous lost treasure of Captain Kidd said to be buried in the area. Lyza and her friends immediately hatch a plan to find the treasure. But treasure isn't the only thing Lyza has to worry about this summer. Her friend Malcolm's older brother has been drafted into Vietnam and Lyza's older sister is turning into a hippie before her eyes.

Progress toward goals: 228/365 = 62.5%

Books: 60/100 = 60.0%

Pages: 18845/30000 = 62.8%

2011 Book List

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