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Antique Bakery #1 by Fumi Yoshinaga.

This was nothing like I expected really, being yaoi. Volume one isn't very romantic and the only hint of sex is two panels in chapter five. The story revolves around three young men who own/work in a bakery set in a former antiques shop. The shop serves as the framework for the stories, which revolve mostly around the customers.

The stories are not always linear (especially where the three men are concerned) and I had only passing interest in the clients (I'm more of a genre type girl than a slice of life mainstreamer). The three men are interesting however. Tachibana, a successful young business man opens the shop. He shares a rather jagged, unpleasant past with Ono, a star pastry maker who has trouble holding down jobs due to his overwhelming and unexpected sexual appeal to most men. His apprentice is the youngest of them, a former boxer Eiji Kanda who was forced out due to shorn retinas. Over all, there is a lot of potential in the dynamics of the men but I'm not sure I'd be that interested in a chapter length short story with non-recurring clients every time.

Fairy Tail #14 by Hiro Mashima

This one was inspired b y the mangaka's love of tournament manga. Laxus and his followers are still attacking their own guild, Fairy Tail, winner takes all including ownership of the guild. Laxus is winning especially with all the women petrified and Natsu out of the fight.

However, when the tables turn, Laxus turns murderous. We finally get to see Mirajane's fabled magic and the return of Loke. This manga is just brainless fun.

Grand Guignol Orchestra #3 by Kaori Yuki

I have to say Kaori love betrayal especially at the hands of a trusted friend. She has major betrayals in many of her storylines and this one is no different. I don't want to spoil this one though.

This volume concludes the nunnery story arc and begins another in Duke Rhodonite's stronghold. The queen's spy, Spinel is there and she still holds a grudge against Lucille. Apparently, the duke's wives all disappear and Spinel is trying to find out why. Lucille is looking into the activities of a secret organization that might try to move against the queen and that the duke might be involved. The duke also collects macabre statuary that resemble the guignols.

It's hard to review this without spoiling things. Let's leave it at Eles finds out a lot about Gwindel and Lucille's history as well as some of the history between Lucille and Spinel. She also learns what Lucille really is. It's an interesting storyline but there are still these odd jerks and jumps in the story that are confusing (and also present in most of her work so I doubt it's translation error). Over all I still like it and this volume is particularly creepy.
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