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Last Symbiotes Nesting; Lost Magician; X-Men-Palooza

The Magician King, by Lev Grossman
This was wonderful. Just as wry and full of overturns as the first one, but it never fell apart the way the first one did. Also I found Julia very compelling as a character. Loved it.

Ultimate X-Men, vol. 2: Return to Weapon X; vol. 3: World Tour, vol. 4: Hellfire & Brimstone, vol. 5: Ultimate War, and vol.6: Return of the King, by Mark Millar et al; vol. 7: Blockbuster, and vol. 8: New Mutants, by Brian Michael Bendis et al; vol. 9: The Tempest, and vol. 10: Cry Wolf, by Brian K. Vaughan et al
Heh. Yeah, so I kind of went on a bender. Got past the clunky dialogue of Millar into the smoother style of Bendis and then was reminded by the awesomeness of Brian K. Vaughan that I really want to read the Runaways series... I only stopped reading these because we're missing volume 11. Comic book store tomorrow!
(139/200, 76/100; 140/200, 77/100; 142/200, 78/100; 143/200, 79/100; 144/200, 80/100; 145/200, 81/100; 146/200, 82/100; 147/200, 83/100; 148/200, 84/100)

The Last Dragon, by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay (e-ARC)
An absolutely beautiful fairy tale comic. Guay's artwork is somewhat reminiscent of N. C. Wyeth, but she has some elements all her own. And, as one would expect from Jane Yolen, the story has such a fine patina that anyone might think it several centuries older than it really is. PS DRAGONS!!!!

The Nesting Dolls, by Gail Bowen
If, like me, you read mystery novels for the characters and their interactions, rather than the whodunit, you would love Gail Bowen's work... if you're a whodunit fan, well, I confess I figured that out about 200 pages before the main characters did. But, as noted, I don't care. <3 <3 <3.

Avatar the Last Airbender: The Lost Adventures, by Aaron Ehasz et al (e-ARC)
Oh! These seemed just kind of fun and goofy and Spirou-magazine-like for the first few pages, but the long stories really DO faithfully bring the spirit of the show to life on the page. I sighed, I hooted, I wished there were more... Excellent collection.

Ultimate Spider Man, vol. 21: War of the Symbiotes, by Brian Michael Bendis et al
This was ... interesting. Not much I can say about it that won't involve spoilers, honestly. But it was a fun read.
(151/200, 85/100)

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