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Book 92

The Battle of the LabyrinthThe Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was leery this time reading Percy Jackson’s fourth book because it opens with the idea that Percy will be blamed for setting a deadly fire at his new school. I am so tired of the I have to prove my innocent trope (I read too many mysteries) This installment ties up some of the long running story arcs, introduces a few more and was otherwise entirely entertaining.

Percy and Annabeth are on a quest, her quest this time, to find Daedelus before Luke can. They only know that Luke needs the old inventor to navigate the Labyrinth in order to move vast numbers of monsters into Camp Halfblood and further his plans to raise Kronos once more. Percy and his friends want to stop Luke and save people from the Labyrinth before they go insane. Along with Grover and Tyson, they race against time and madness to stop Luke.

Also, Nico, the young boy introduced last time, Hades’s son, wants to raise his sister Bianca from the dead and Percy thinks that the ten year old wants to use his soul in order to do it. Percy wants to save Nico from himself.

Monsters, demon ranches, friendly hellhounds, betrayals around every corner, Percy discovering more about his powers, this installment is just as action packed as the others. The only thing I didn’t like so much was Annabeth this time which disappointed me greatly. I love Annabeth and love that the smart one of the group is a girl. However, she was a bit out of character and mostly that was because she was jealous of Rachel Dare, a mortal who has been helping Percy and has a crush on him (He’s rather oblivious to all of this). While teen girls are certainly jealous creatures from time to time, it still disappointed me. Also, the cover art bothered me. Percy is fourteen going on fifteen in this and on the cover he looks ten.

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