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September 2011 reading

September reading:

31. The Iron Hunt, by Marjorie M. Liu (305 pages)
A little more in-depth and complicated than some of the urban fantasy I've read. I had to reread bits at times. But I actually enjoyed the complexities.

32. Songs of Love and Death (468 pages)
Anthology of star-crossed love tales, from sci-fi to historical fiction to fantasy. Really, not all of them were truly star-crossed, but most of them were good. The only one I didn't finish reading was the Tanith Lee one, because I really just didn't like it.

September book pages: 773

Total book pages: 9,462

Progress: 32/75


136. Lucky Star: Volume 2, by Kagami Yoshimizu (150 pages)
137. Case Closed: Volume 2, by Gosho Aoyama (184 pages)
138. Yotsuba&: Volume 2, by Kiyohiko Azuma (192 pages)
139. Fruits Basket: Volume 7, by Natsuki Takaya (192 pages)
140. Ouran High School Host Club: Volume 8, by Bisco Hatori (184 pages)
141. Phantom Dream: Volume 3, by Natsuki Takaya (208 pages)
142. Tegami Bachi: Volume 5, by Hiroyuki Asada (200 pages)
143. Locke and Key: Volume 1, by Joe Hill (152 pages)
144. Boys Over Flowers: Volume 2, by Yoko Kamio (176 pages)
145. Nabari no Ou: Volume 2, by Yuhki Kamatani (192 pages)
146. D.Gray-Man: Volume 3, by Katsura Hoshino (208 pages)
147. Wish: Volume 4, by Clamp (192 pages)
148. Crimson-Shell, by Jun Mochizuki (224 pages)
149. Bride of the Water God: Volume 1, by Mi-Kyung Yun (184 pages)
150. Dance in the Vampire Bund: Volume 1, by Nozomu Tamaki (208 pages)
151. Pandora Hearts: Chapter 65, by Jun Mochizuki (69 pages)

September comic/manga pages: 2,915

Total comic/manga pages: 29,897

Progress: 151/75

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Tags: manga, urban fantasy

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