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Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3Nightschool: The Weirn Books, Vol. 3 by Svetlana Chmakova

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had read the first two of this series for a magazine but didn’t get any more of it until now as the library started carrying it and I think that sort of sums up my feelings about this manga. It’s not bad but nothing I’d run out and buy. It’s not that the story is uninteresting. It’s more that the characters do not pop for me. In fact, I can not review this without manga in hand because I can’t remember their names. That is never a good sign.

The beginning half of this volume deal with the Hunters, whose abilities and role are still murky (I think some of that is very intentional but from a reader stand point, being this far in and not having a definite idea about any of the supernatural aspects is annoying). They have been betrayed by one of their own as they try to protect a seer with memory issues as werewolves attack. (There are vampires, werewolves and witches in this but I’m still not sure if they’re evil, good or both).

Hounded out of their safe house, they end up following their leader to Mr. Roi’s house and we learn that this Night School teacher is a night creature and a Hunter and maybe immortal. He finally fills the reader in on a big missing chunk of the story that there were once a half dozen kids possessed by something called the Sohrem and he defeated them a few thousand years ago. They are apparently back now and one of them is in the seer.

Back at the school, Alex, a homeschooled young witch with a secret is working with the few people at the Night School that can remember her sister, a guardian at the school. Her sister disappeared and all traces of her have disappeared from people’s memory. They find an old gate that might have been used to abduct the young woman but the symbols on it are so old that they can’t decipher them It turns out even more people at the school have disappeared in the last few months.

Over all, some definition about the roles of the paranormals in this universe would be helpful. I need more character definition too. I find no one who sticks out except Mr. Roi. The art is decent and Chmakova has a following from her other manga. However, I found some real issues (for me at least) in the art especially with proportions and chins that are too elongated and worse, lopsided. On the other hand, the action is starting to pick up and it’s becoming more interesting.

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