Casey (lastbestchance) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

117. Hollywood; 118. Class Warfare; 119. Cancer Ward

by Charles Bukowski

Started: September 28, 2011
Finished: September 29, 2011

This was the only Bukowski novel I'd never read bfore. I liked the stories being told here but did get annoyed at how he would rename various celebrities like going to see Tab Jones in Vegas instead of Tom Jones. It took me out of the story trying to figure out who Bukowski was talking about. He should have either used the real names or gone way more fake with them. 239 pages. Grade: A-
Class Warfare
by Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian

Started: September 29, 2011
Finished: September 30, 2011

Picked this up on a whim as I'm not a real political-minded person. It was easier to read than I thought it would be. I'm not sure if I agreed with what Chomsky was saying but I certainly respected his manner of saying it in this book. 175 pages. Grade: B-
Cancer Ward
by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Started: September 29, 2011
Finished: October 5, 2011

I liked this much more than The First Circle. The stories told seemed more personal. 536 pages. Grade: A-
Total # of books read in 2011: 119
Total # of pages read in 2011: 34,230

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