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Book 60 for 2011

 Agatha Raisin and The Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton. 272 pages.

Hmm. A mediocre book, this, I'd say. Not dreadful, not badly written,
but lacking that extra something that would make it really good.

I was put off a bit particularly by the fact that the main character
isn't particularly sympathetic - she cheats and lies with very little
compunction - but it seems that one of the purposes of the story was for
her to learn and grow and become a nicer person, so I was willing to
make allowances there.

The plot is fairly simple - PR consultant Agatha Raisin takes early
retirement and moves to the cottage in the Cotswolds that she's always
wanted. Wanting to make her mark on the village, she enters a quiche in
the village show - but she buys the quiche from a shop in London and
later the competition judge is found poisoned by the dodgy dish.

Agatha's attempts to discover the truth get her in trouble but also make her
some friends. But the whole thing seems a bit clumsy somehow in a way
that I can't quite define.

There are several more books in this series and I'll probably try at
least one more, but I shan't be seeking them with huge eagerness.

Tags: crime fiction

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