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#111 When the Wind Blows - Cyril Hare (1949)

A classic mystery from one of the best-loved Golden Age crime writers Famous solo violinist Lucy Carless is making a guest appearance with the provincial Markshire Orchestra, only to be found strangled with a silk stocking part-way through the concert. Everyone in the orchestra had access to the scene of the crime, and the police officer in charge, Inspector Trimble, has no idea where to start. Luckily retired barrister and amateur detective Franics Pettigrew has been acting as an honorary treasurer to the Markshire Orchestral Society, and he is soon on his way to finding the murderer. Drawing on Cyril Hare's love of music and expert knowledge of the law, When the Wind Blows is a compelling mystery with a pleasingly ingenious solution.

Cyril Hare is a new discovery to me. I had three of his books listed on my bookcrossing wishlist and was delighted to recieve this one recently from another bookcrosser in a gift exchamge.

I found this a delightfully intelligent old fashioned mystery. Cyril Hare was a judge, and his law background is put to good use in this mystery (and I assume his others). A good cast of distinct characters, and a clever plot with a wholly satisfactory ending, helped me to fairly fly through it. Added to an engaging mystery, is the often hilarious Markshire Orchestral society politics, and their musical snobbery. I would certainly recommend this to those who enjoy novels from what is often referred to as the golden age of crime fiction.

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