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Books 41 - 50.

41. Matheson - I Am Legend
I haven't seen the film, but I'm pretty sure the book is my preferred version :)

42. Pope Benedict XVI - Jesus Of Nazareth Pt.2: Holy Week...
It was great to find something new, things that I hadn't realised before, about this telling of the story; inspiring too.

43. Abensur - The Cranks Bible
Very good cookbook with delicious-looking photos.

44. Gaiman - American Gods (Author's Preferred Text)
45. Gaiman - Anansi Boys
I have some years earlier read the former part of the way; both books were really good.

46. Kelley - Great Books Of Domino Games
I'm not sure how I got interested in domino games, but anyway, this book was easy to understand and while I don't yet own any dominos I'm pretty sure I can play at least some games mentioned here (including the solo ones). A small but perfect book.

47. Borges - The Book Of Imaginary Beings (English translation)
Very entertaining and definitely not too long, and makes me want to read more on some of the creatures mentioned. <3

48. Rotelle (ed.) - Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
A very simple program, a bit repetitive but no doubt useable.

49. Jung - The Undiscovered Self
The most impressive of the bunch here, gave me a lot to think about myself and other people, and what religion can be.

50. Brite - Antediluvian Tales
This felt like some lovely and comforting home-made food; it feels like a perfect read for the present season we're in. <3

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