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Shining Summer of Two Other Physics Brothers

The Summer of Permanent Wants, by Jamieson Findlay
Gently but firmly surreal throughout. Perfect for my inner 11-year-old.
(194/200, 111/100)

Astro City: Shining Stars, and Astro City: The Dark Age Book 2: Brothers in Arms, by Kurt Busiek et al
Shining Stars was brilliant, Brothers in Arms was quite good. I think the main difference is that I like solo/team superheroes better than mega-organizations of superheroes (and supervillains)... I wanted lots more Street Angel and way less Pyramid even though I understand what they were doing and why they did it that way.
(195/200, 112/100; 196/200, 113/100)

Mothers and Other Monsters by Maureen McHugh (nook)
Maureen McHugh is the bomb, always. My favorite story in this set is about a woman, her dog, another dog, its owner, and the woman's invisible friend; she has a genius for making bizarre setups seem completely naturalistic - the great art of seeming artless. I think I prefer her novels to her short stories, but I'm stilling looking forward to reading the new volume of short stories she just published.
(197/200, 114/100)

Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith, by Michael Stipe
If you are as fascinated by Patti Smith as I am, and/or you enjoy blurry black-and-white photographs with tons of heart, you should find this book. Pleased Akashic reissued it, so I could find out about it: I was only 18 when it came out the first time.

Art & Physics, by Leonard Shlain
Perhaps as a teenager, you knew an adult who was decidedly brilliant and thoroughly educated but kind of kooky, and that adult liked to tell anyone who would listen (including you) all about their articulate, fascinating insights and their wacky, misconceived theories and had no sense whatsoever of the differences between the two. If so, then you, like me, will find the experience of this book weirdly familiar. There is some absolutely amazing stuff in here, but you have to be really patient to read the entire book. Or at least I had to be.

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