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Book 67 for 2011

Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. 335 pages
True story of two divers' determination to identify the wreck of a U-Boat found off the New Jersey coast.
This book is very nicely written and gives a marvellous insight into the world of deep wreck diving and its dangers (to the extent that I began to wonder why anybody was mad enough to try it in the first place!) and into the lives of U-Boat crewmen toward the end of World War II. It also delves quite deeply into the lives of the two divers, which is necessary to an extent, to demonstrate the aspects of their characters that made them so determined to identify the U-Boat. Sometimes it seemed as if there was a bit too much biography (interesting though it was) and not quite enough diving, but it was still an immensely interesting book , from which I learned a lot.
Thanks to trishtrash for the recommendation!
Tags: non-fiction, war

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