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Book 113

Dogs, Volume 6Dogs, Volume 6 by Shirow Miwa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's really no surprise that I would like this manga, despite it being ultra-violent, given that three of the four main characters are damaged in some way. This had a bit too many fight scenes this time (my issue isn't with the violence, it's with the fact that panel after panel of it gets boring) but at the same time, it fills in a huge amount of back story so I'm happy.

It opens with the clean up after the attack from the scientists who created Heine (see issue 5) and four things happen as a result 1. We get a very short interlude with Badou and Mihai as they recoup in the Underground's hospital 2. Granny (mama?) and her half-animal, half human brethren (from the years of uncontrolled designer genetic engineering) have grown suspicious of Heine and demand an explanation of who/what he is and can they trust him since he seems connected to the Down Below scientists 3. Giovanni tries to kill the Underground director 4. The underground director is seen for the first time (even by the people living in the Underground) and has huge surprises for everyone, which I don't want to spoil in a review.

The rest of the book was Heine, Giovanni and Lily's childhood. Some of it (very little) was rehashing scenes we've seen but this time we got to see more of their training, how the kids got to be the way they are, their early personalities (and it almost makes you feel sorry for Giovanni), their unrest and more. It was well worth the wait to see it. And now I'll probably have to wait forever to see the continuation. My one quibble with the art is Arthur sort of has Heine's current hair do and I kept confusing him with Heine even though kid!Heine has a totally different do.

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