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Last book(s) of 2011

The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind

B&N Synopsis
A mysterious device appears that seems to possibility of telling the future. At first, its predictions seem merely novel and harmless. Nevertheless, Zeddicus believes the Omen Machine must be destroyed, an edict quickly forgotten when the mechanical oracle lays down a cataclysmic future that will tear apart the lives of Richard and Kahlan. A Sword of Truth you will never forget.

Neat tidbit here: I had waited to purchase this book when it came out, because I had several books ahead of it to read. Usually, when Goodkind releases a book, my father will go to a book signing in Vegas (where both men live) and get me an autographed copy. Unfortunately, it didn't happen with Omen Machine.

But while I was browsing at Barnes and Noble in late November, I thought, "Hey, I should go grab a copy. Maybe it'll be discounted by now."

When I got the section, there, sitting on the front stack of the four copies in the store, was an autographed, first edition copy at 60% off! I snagged it! Total win!

Sadly, I wish I could say the story itself was a total win, but I can't. Although Goodkind delivered a sometimes-entertaining story, I felt like he was rusty with his SOT universe and sometimes had difficulty finding the pulse of his characters. The story, while interesting, wasn't up to par with his earlier work. That being said, it didn't force me to plod along and wade through pages of philosophy as I was wont do with the latter middle books in the SOT series.

The Omen Machine wasn't bad, but it wasn't terrific either. I'm hoping the next two books in his three-book deal deliver more substance and Goodkind is able to find the voices of Richard and Kahlan from the early days.

Books completed: 34/40

I could probably add Wolves in the Walls to this list as I read the audiobook version and the hardback version during the last week of December, but I'll decline for now since I listed it earlier this year. But if we're getting technical...

Books completed: 36/40 ;D


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