Ponyboy63 (ponyboy63) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book 1 - 2012

I remember doing this a few years ago... so I thought I'd give it another go!

Book 1 - 2012:  Centennial by James A Michiner

Recently saw the TV mini-series of this book for the first time in many years, which has prompted me to give it another read - all 1100+ pages of it.  Started at Christmas time and am about half way through so far. Am really noticing all the changes made for the TV series!

I rather enjoy Michiners books... largely sprawling historical epics about a particular place, heavily researched and providing the finest details about life in these locations, coming down through generations of people who lived there and how life changed for them with the passing of time.

Centennial was always my favourite amongst his novels. Once I finish this one I think I might have to try and get hold of copies of Alaska and Hawaii again (I think my ex-brother-in-law ended up with mine).


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