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Black Butler Vol. 7Black Butler Vol. 7 by Yana Toboso

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This volume rocked. It had intrigue, action and emotional punch. Sebastian even got his kink on. Ciel gets caught investigating the tents by his tent mate who has a few surprises for him. Thinking he’s narrowly escaped trouble, Ciel unfortunately has an asthmatic relapse, surprising even Sebastian who was unaware Ciel had issues. In fact, Ciel spends a good chunk of this sick in bed. Sebastian does his own investigating and has no issues using sex to get what he wants.

Once back home, with the name of the man kidnapping the children in hand, they work toward finding Baron Kelvin, while dealing with Ciel’s illness. In the mean time, Joker leaves the circus to discuss with ‘father’ (i.e. the baron) about Phantomhive’s infiltration of the circus.

When the show down between Ciel and Sebastian vs. Kelvin and Joker happens we get some of Ciel’s background but more importantly we see his father and how knowing him has motivated Kelvin’s insanity. Joker and the other circus members come across as somewhat sympathetic, children, missing limbs, missing families, all brought up and given working prosthetics and a home and job by this man but on the other hand they are doing evil and they know they are. Ciel even sympathizes with Joker but is still quite resolved to kill him any how, especially once it’s revealed that the rest of the circus has marched on Ciel’s mansion, putting his servants at risk, which is where it ends.

The storyline flies by. The art is lovely. If I had one complaint about this issue it’s that Ciel’s father looks way too much like Sebastian.

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