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#2 - Yeah, that's right, Shakespeare; your plays suck!

I had to read The Winter's Tale for something I'm translating, and while any "A++++++ 5 stars would read again" review is kind of beyond irrelevant at this point - ehhhhhh. The onset of Leontes' jealousy is too sudden to get any dramatic traction, as is his repentance and - well, nigh *every* single plot development, and the denouement hinges on us rooting for Susan Smith here to get his wife and (surviving) kid back. Please remember this the next time someone tries to tell you that The Taming of the Shrew is not meant as a straight take on Shakespeare's views of marriage.

Side note: Good God, was Paulina the most aggravating "all talk, no walk" character. Good job on not serving that kid up on a silver platter to be turned into Purina Wolf Chow, lady. Really excellent, there.
Tags: shakespeare, unimpressed

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