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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

I have finished the second book of 2012 today, the City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, the forth book from the Mortal Instruments series (young adult fantasy literature).

I must say the the existence of the forth book itself came as a surprise to me. I was perfectly content with the end of the story that book #3 provided. Well, maybe not perfectly - being a crazy fan of the series as I am of course I longed for more. 
Therefore when I learned (quite by accident), that there will be six books in series instead of three I was both excited and terrified. Excited for obvious reasons (mostly more-Jace- <3-excitation). Why terrified? It felt as if someone told me that there will be new Lord of the Rings book and reasoned it with "Remember how that evil ring disappeared in the fire of that mountain? Well it didn't" Which would be wrong on so many levels, I can even imagine.
Anyway, what I am trying to say here I was afraid it will be forced rather that natural. And on top of that I was absorbed by the scary thought that it will put all the happy endings in jeopardy.
Which of course it did.

So how was it?

As expected from Cassandra the writing is still flawless. The perfect balance between suspense and humor. You must know that what is truly great about Cassandra Clare's books is her witty sense of humor. The last three books have been a constant source of sarcastic remarks and comments ever since I read them. Seriously I use the quotes on daily basis during conversations. Luckily only one of my friends has read the book so the rest of them seem to think it is my own witty attitude. But i don't feel guilty, Cassandra, since you leave theme laying there for me to steal. This book was no exception in this matter, at least three quotes have already made it to my facebook status ;)

However the most accurate thing I can say about this one is that it was an easy read. Which seems to be a good thing - it literally takes no effort to finish this book in no time at all. I just feel that it was somehow too easy. Sadly, it lacked depth.  Didn't make me wonder about the mechanics of love and friendship and the price of having either of them, while the previous books certainly did. 

Overall, for me this books seems more like a bridge between the first three books and the ones that will follow - opening some loose ends, allowing new plots to unravel . I am looking forward the two next books with anticipation.. and with hope that reading them will not make wish I had just sticked with the initial three.
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