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Book #2: The Alchemy of Forever

Title: The Alchemy of Forever
Series: Incarnation (Book #1)
Author: Avery Williams
Genre: Paranormal Teen
Pages: 246

I came across this book oddly enough through Twitter where I clicked on a link that allowed me to read the first seven chapters of this book. I did just that in one sitting, wanting to scroll down to read more. I realized that I was hooked and needed to buy the novel right away. It didn't disappoint either.

I absolutely LOVED this book because it had a really intriguing premise from the very start. Seraphina, the main character, is at a party in the 1300s and meets this boy, Cyrus, who tells her about an elixir he's made. It turns out that this particular elixir can allow someone to inhabit another's body and live forever, thus making them immortal or "Incarnates" as they call themselves. The book skips ahead 600 years later to the present day where Seraphina doesn't feel like living this life is right anymore. Oddly enough the book brings up a lot of philosophical questions concerning Seraphina's choice to die or to take another life and live in that body. For this reason I think there is a lot this series could play with in terms of control and who gets to decide who lives and who dies.

The thing I would have liked is for the book to be longer because I felt like I breezed through it and wanted more. There is also a MAJOR cliffhanger at the end which sets it up for the next novel. Since this novel just came out at the start of January it'll probably be a while before the next book is released but when it is I'll be ready to read it.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Next up: The Hunger Games trilogy!
Tags: teen lit

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