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2012 books 1-5

1-2. Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold (science fiction, omnibus)
I've been wanting to get into science fiction for some time - my fiancé writes SF shorts and I enjoy them, so I'd like to be able to dabble there too, but find that I just don't get some mysterious underlying aspect of the genre - and Bujold's writing was recommended to me. This first omnibus edition in the Vorkosigan saga follows Cordelia Naismith on her journey of both mind, heart and body from a pretty civilized, peaceful citizen of Beta Colony to the wife of a Vor lord on the more primitive, constantly-warring Barrayar. Overall enjoyable, with a very strong viewpoint character that most of the time managed to avoid crossing over into the annoying.
1. Shards of Honor - 9 Jan 2012
Very nice, organized introduction to Cordelia and Aral Vorkosigan both, setting them up as protagonists quite smoothly.
2. Barrayar - 10 Jan 2012
Some aspects of Cordelia's experiences in this book don't really fit together for me - I enjoyed it overall, and was especially amused by some episodes, but there were little things that didn't work out for me. Some of the more child-focused portions got on my nerves a bit, but overall it wasn't bad.

3-5. Young Miles by Jois McMaster Bujold (science fiction, omnibus)
Follows the early years of Cordelia's son Miles's career in more fields than most people try out in a lifetime. So far I can say I'm not very fond of the character - he's boneheaded and rash, and makes some decisions that a man whose only strength is his brains really should know better than to make.
3. The Warrior's Apprentice - 13 Jan 2012
Miles goes through life-threatening situation after life-threatening situation, through no fault but his own (even if I'm sure he never meant for things to get that out of hand). It starts with one poor decision, continues through one rash impulse purchase that I still can't quite understand the rationale for, and goes downhill from there.
4. Mountains of Mourning - 14 Jan 2012
My absolute favorite part of this book, maybe in part because it has Miles actually thinking before acting. He's summoning up the charisma he shows in The Warrior's Apprentice, but to much more reasonable ends, and as a result seems more sympathetic and human.
5. The Vor Game - 15 Jan 2012
Slightly better than The Warrior's Apprentice (apparently that one was a low point of the series so far for me); Miles still gets himself wrapped up in ridiculous amounts of trouble, but it's plausible trouble that he doesn't entirely set into motion on his own, which makes it a lot less jarring/frustrating for me as a reader.
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