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Book #11 Dracula, My Love by Syrie James

Title : Dracula, My Love
Author : Syrie James
My Rating : 4/5

I believe this is one of those books that can alter your perception on its original literary work. I have no regret whatsoever. My perception on Stoker's Dracula is changed forever. And I love it. I guess from now on I will always think that there are two different versions of the book Dracula and that Syrie James had just discovered the other one. Hahaha.. she wrote with ease and her plot weaving was great.Her depiction of Nicolae, the Dracula, was one of the most dashing and charming characters in fiction for me. I will never forget him. James wrote the Secret Journal in such a way, that I even found myself sympathizing with Mina's duality of love and even justifying it. How could one expect not to love such a character as Nicolae? This is something marvelous indeed for me. Considering I very seldom able to accept or forgive any act of parallel-loving in any kind of story. For example : I can never understand Bella's disposition for loving both Edward and Jacob. How can you love two persons at the same time? You only have one heart! Hahahaha... Don't get me wrong though! I love Twilight (Go Team Edward!) It's just my kind of example.
I also love this book because I get to be closer mentally and emotionally with Mina. I admire her courage and personality. So I recommend this book to you who is not afraid to see something from a different angle.

Tags: fantasy, romance

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