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Book #7: 50 Book Challenge 2012

Light on Snow - Anita Shreve

This was a very good novel about a family who's ripped in half after a fatal auto crash - one preteen daughter and her father survive, move away from the city but have trouble moving on with their lives.  This story describes how one unlikely young woman brings them back together.  Written in the daughter's voice. 

I did feel like I was missing something at the end.  Ever read a book and feel like the author forgot to write the final chapter?  I would have liked just a few more pages forward into the future.  The end left me slightly unsatisfied.  I think authors do this not only to give the reader an opportunity to "end the book" in their own way, but also because they can't figure out the perfect way to do it, so they just stop writing.  Who knows for sure?  It's sort of irritating, but I loved the story anyway.

I thought the writing was excellent.  I was enchanted and disturbed.  Some of the Christmas decorations the girl describes, the macaroni wreath she made and painted glass apples - those are a part of my childhood as well. 

Overall, I found this book haunting and memorable. 

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