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Book 4: Faerie Lord by Herbie Brennan

Book 4: Faerie Lord (Faerie Wars Chronicles 4) .
Author: Herbie Brennan, 2007.
Genre: YA Fantasy. Faerie.Coming of Age.
Other Details: Paperback. 432 pages. Unabridged audio Length: 12 hours, 10 mins. Narrated by James Daniel Wilson.

Two years have passed since the events of The Ruler of the Realm and Henry Atherton has been trying to forget about his friends in the Faerie Realm and live a normal life. With graduation from secondary school looming, he is even making plans for university and beyond. Then one day while visiting Mr. Fogarty's abandoned house to feed Hodge, the resident temperamental tom cat, Henry is surprised to find his friend Prince Pyrgus at the door. Pyrgus has distressing news of a mysterious plague that is causing the inhabitants of the Faeries Realm to age prematurely. Pyrgus asks for Henry's help and so Henry travels once again to the Faerie Realm to help find a cure and to renew his ties with his friends.

As this is part of a series, to say much more would be unfair. I will note though that Brennan does take the story off in a slightly different direction with Henry undertaking a classic 'hero's journey'. Given quite serious themes, there is less humour in the narrative. Brennan waxes a little more philosophically than he had in the previous books and while this wasn't an issue for me, I did wonder if it might prove a little confusing for younger readers. I also felt the ending was wrapped up a little too quickly and would have preferred an extra chapter or two.

Still these are minor points on the conclusion to a series that has proved a delightful companion while driving for some months.

After a break of a few years, Brennan has written a fifth book set in the same universe though taking place sixteen years after Faerie Lord. It is titled Faeman's Quest but has not had an audio release. I am planning on reading it early this year as I want to see how things have turned out for various characters.
Tags: angels/demons, audio book, fantasy, young adult

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