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book #6

i just finished Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (no direct relation to E.L.)

when everyone all over LJ was finally talking about SOPA, someone over on a friend's LJ mentioned the book. i'd seen/heard Cory Doctorow speak at PhilCon back in 09, and since i recognised the name, i thought i'd give the book a try.

and just like Orwell's Big Brother, this book makes you think about stuff - and think out of the (X)box, too. you'll never look at the government or the internet the same way again. i mean, i'm already paranoid enough. ;)

as one of the authors who writes one of the afterwards says, go out and hack something.

up next, i have two books: i've started Terry Pratchett's The Color of Magic (like just started), but this evening i'll be picking up To Kill a Mockingbird from the library. i want to reread because (a) i've wanted to reread it now for about a year or so and (b) my older daughter is reading it in English... if not now, really soon. while i do have my own paperback copy, it's SO old the front cover says "Now a Major Motion Picture starring Gregory Peck!" and it's falling apart. heh.

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