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Books 1 - 4

This is my first time doing a reading challenge and my first post here. My goal this year is to read 60 books and hopefully I'll pass it! So far I've read 4 books, so I'm a little behind, but I should be picking it up soon.

1. The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney - This is the first book in the Mockingbirds series and it was a really good debut novel. Themis Academy is just like any high stakes boarding prep school with an excellent student body, but a school administration that does nothing to protect its students. When Alex Patrick is date raped by a fellow student and she feels that Themis will do nothing, she turns to student vigilante force, The Mockingbirds, to take her case on. Alex must battle through what really happened that night and deal with the students reactions on top of a possible new romance. I really liked this book. This started my current trend of reading boarding school books and it did not disappoint. But I what I liked about the book was that it seemed realistic. The past few years has seen this huge rise in the media focusing on student bullying and the effects that it has on students. Seeing a novel about a group of students deciding to stand up for themselves when their administration does nothing, was refreshing. I would recommend it simply because the sequel just gets better. Favorite Quote: "That's the Themis way." Rating: 4/5

2. The Rivals by Daisy Whitney - This is the new sequel to The Mockingbirds and it was really good. To me, it was better than the first one. Picking up right at the start of the new school year for Alex, it doesn’t take long for Alex and the rest of the Mockingbird board to get involved in a new case. Only this time, the case isn’t so simple. It’s about an alleged cheating ring that supposedly has a large group of students drawn in. As the newly elected leader, Alex has to figure out who exactly is telling the truth. And she still has to deal with the aftermath of her date-rape case, a new romance, and the regular senior year of high school drama. This book had more mystery and suspense and that definitely kept me interested. Also a recommended book. Favorite Quote: "I can take my past and declare it mine... I can make a choice to be stronger for it." Rating: 4.5/5

3. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter - First book in the Gallagher Girls series. Cammie Morgan goes to the Gallagher Academy that has a few differences from a regular boarding school. The main difference being that it's a school that trains young women to amazing spies. The only thing missing from this semi-regular school experience are boys. One day, when Cammie is out on a practice field mission, she is spotted by a boy from town, Josh. This is completely unheard of for Cammie since she is known as the Chameleon - no one ever notices her because she just blends in. And because she's never been noticed before - much less by a boy - Cammie decides with the help of her friends to take a chance and see out this budding relationship. Overall, I think the book was just ok. Nothing too memorable but nothing overly horrible. One review that I read was that the book seemed like a screenplay and that it would translate well on screen because nothing important would be left out and the humor is situational. Good point. I still want to read the next book, so it did keep my attention. Favorite Quote: "The time for crying with your girlfriends about a broken heart is over chocolate ice cream and chick flicks—not stun guns and bulletproof vests.”
Rating: 3.5/5

4. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - My 4th boarding school book! It doesn't look like this trend is ending any time soon. But if they can be as good as this one, it's worth it. Anna Oliphant is a senior sent away in her senior year of high school to Paris by her dad to study. As a new student in a new country, Anna simply wants to get back home where things are comfortable with her best friend Bridgette and kind-of-maybe-boyfriend Toph. Luckily, she meets next door neighbor Meredith and becomes friends right away. With Meredith, Anna also gains a new set of friends and things are starting to look up! There's St. Clair, the new friend with the amazing hair and adorable English accent who could just be something more. If only he didn't have a girlfriend already. And if Meredith didn't like him. And if Toph wasn't waiting. Just a few things standing in the way of that relationship! But as the year goes on, maybe something can actually happen between them. I really liked this book! I'm not really sure what it was, but all around, I just enjoyed it. Totally worth the read!  Favorite Quote: “Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?” Rating: 4/5

Happy Reading!
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