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Books #1-7

Slow start to 2012 for me, busy busy!:)

1)"Lose weight without dieting" by David Nordmark
I have never read a diet book before but this free kindle book actually stood out for me. Not because it's "Not Dieting" but because it compares "Unnatural" habits we form to the animal Kingdom where most Animals will stop eating when they're hungry, drink when they're thirsty.etc. A good read

2)"The art of the put-down" ed by Winifred Coles
Brilliant collection of famous funny and derogatory remarks :)

3)"Stargate SG-1: Sunrise" by J. Frances Crane.
Really good read for any SG-1 fan.

4)"The Secret History of the world" by Jonathan Black
Really interesting look at the growing consciousness and mythical/ Spiritual history of the world. Sometimes a bit "Foil hats all round" for me but very interesting all the same.

5)"The Psychopath test" by Jon Ronson
Couldn't put this one down. Ronson takes a detailed look at the "Hare Checklist", the criteria used to diagnose psychopaths. A fairly well rounded, interesting and sometimes funny look at the definition and history of psychopathy.

6)"The Enterprise of Death" by Jesse Bullington
Absolutely loed this book. It centres around a young african slave forced into service by a necromancer. It never went where I though it would but I loved every minute.

7)"Hitler's Canary" by Sandi Toksvig
This is actually a children's book but I love Sandi Toksvig. Very enjoyable little story about the German occupation of Denmark and the Danish resistances effort to get all danish Jews out of the country. Made even better by the fact that the story is loosely based on Toksvigs Danish Grandmother who was a member of the resistnace.

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