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The CemeteryLady

Book One...Finally!

The first book I read for 2012 is a reread for me, but it's still one of my favourites. The first time I read it was on audio book, stupidly the night before an exam, and I got no sleep. It's a scary book. lol

This book is one in a series of books about an FBI Agent named Pendergast, who specializes in cases of serial murder. He comes to a small town in Kansas on vacation after an especially hard case in New York, to investigate a very strange homocide. The victim has been left in a cornfield in a clearing surounded by 24 dead crows spitted on Indian arrows.

What follows are a series of gruesome and unexplicable murders, each more disturbing than the last, and Pendergast, along with a local teenager named Corie Swanson, must figure out who the killer is before it's too late. The townspeople are beginning to bring up an old story about a massacre that took place near the town, and everyone is becoming afraid to leave their houses for fear of becoming the next victim.

Preston and Child are amazing authors, who have written their own books apart from the co-written series about Pendergast. They have a unique style to their writting, incorporating real crime scene investigation techniques and procedures, as well as accurate portrayals of policework. They also have a wonderfully rebellious streak throughout their prose in the form of Special Agent Pendergast, who uses methods that are sometimes more than questionable at the worth of times, highly unorthodox in the least of times. Their plots are full of twists that keep you interested, and I promise you you won't expect the endings they give you. Every page is packed with action, suspense, and great discriptions. I would absolutely recommend Still Life With Crows to anyone who likes a good thriller murder mystery.

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