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First 3 Books: Asher, Miller, and Irving

First off, I'm Abbigail. I found this comm through the spotlight, but at the time I hadn't finished any of the books I was reading. So far I've finished three books... which really is nothing compared to some, but... time really flies by, doesn't it?

1. The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Caroline Mackler. I loved Jay Asher's debut, 13 Reasons Why, which gave me cause to check this one out as well. I'm glad I did! This book was wonderful. Set in 1996, two teens discover facebook through a glitch in Internet software. The protagonist, in the future, isn't happy with her life. And soon discovers that what she does in the present will alter the future. The enfing was just wonderful, and left off in a place that left you happy, but still wanting more. 

2. The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Admittedly, this play really wasn't what I thought it would be. There were times when the back-and-forth of the characters was enough to make me close the book right there. I really sisn't like how the ending closed off one part, but left you wondering about the other characters. I felt that should have all bee taken care of. I loved the... thrill of Abby and John's secret, and also the fact that it really wasn't a secret. Hale, I thought, was a jerk, at first, but he redeemed himself by the end of the play. Just a very thought provoking play that should be read by everyone.

3. The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving. I didn't care for this one as much as I thought I would. Maybe watching too many "scary movies" has dulled my 'fear sense', but it did nothing for me. the characters were one dimesional, which was what was expected for Irving's time period, and I think also the un reality of it just didn't sit well with me. It seemed too far-fetched. 

Highlight to read my thoughts on each of these stories.
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