Clayshaper (clayshaper) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book 4: "Talk to your cat: How to communicate with your Pet"

Although this is titled "Talk to your cat: How to communicate with your Pet" it doesn't actually cover a lot in the way fo 'communicating'. It DOES cover 'reading' your pet, however, and gives some truly fun and interesting background on the modern housecat, where it came from, what variences we know the genetics of, and so on.

This book borrows heavily from bigger, harder to read books on the topic, so it's a great 'overview', a great place to START learning about cat behavior, history, and how the communicate in a general way.

I enjoyed it, it was a comfortable read most of the time, although it was painfully obvious it was written by a european author- some terms don't cross over to the US easily (such as 'Moggie' meaning a 'mutt' cat) but it's easy to grap what it meant in those rare moments.

Fun stuff, if you're just starting to study how cats interact with humans and want to learn more- there's a great list of the books she borrowed from, in the back!
Tags: animals, history, non-fiction

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