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Book #8: A Scandal in Bohemia and Other Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I got this book as part of a free giveaway in conjunction with the BBC’s Sherlock series (one of three Sherlock Holmes books that I got). This included six mysteries, some of which I had read before (e.g. The Red Headed League, the Man with the Twisted Lip), but I’d forgotten enough about them to still enjoy them.

The main story, A Scandal in Bohemia, which also inspired one of the recent episodes of the BBC series, and it introduced an enjoyable and well-written femme fatale, Irene Adler. Overall, one of the things I most enjoyed about the short stories was the fact that Conan Doyle does not make them too long, but at the same time, each is plotted intricately with a satisfying conclusion.

Next book: Nerd Do Well (Simon Pegg)
Tags: 19th century literature, classic, fiction, historical fiction, murder mystery, mystery, short stories, television

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