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Book #9: Catching Fire

My ninth book is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. This is my second time reading the series, and I think I like Catching Fire better the second time. My first time through, I was a little annoyed that the second book had basically the same plot as the first one. However, on a reread, things have become a little clearer. I like this one because it almost seems like it's not going to be as dark as the first one. There are plenty of problems, of course, but there's significantly less gore, even when the Quarter Quell begins. And then everything goes nuts. 

I also really liked the little touches of humor here and there. Collins is a very good writer (I've read her other series, the Gregor books), and I feel like the first book, perfect as it is, really only displayed her talents for action and worldbuilding. Which are not inconsiderable. But it's nice to see some other aspects.
Tags: young adult

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