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The Wolves of Time by Brian Horwood.
Another animal fantasy adventure, this one about wolves obviously. This is by the author of Duncton Wood, so I was expecting great thing. Unfortunately I ended up hating it. 

It starts off with a great premise. The last of the wolves in Europe heed the call and band together to find the 'wolfways'. As it turns out , the god of wolves (Wulf) royally messed up, so he was re-incarnated as a mortal wolf, and would continue to do so until he realized that he was the actual god somehow. His lover decided to give up her immortality as well and follow him through time, as it were. 

Then we come to the human characters. There are only two major ones, a bad guy and a good guy. One wants to help the wolves,the other wants to exterminate them. they are not characters, they are exaggerations. The good guy is a nature lover who wants to run on all fours and smell flowers and run with his 'wolf brothers.' 
The bad guy works for a chemical company that poluutes the lake and also he test his chemicals on people he kidnaps and then dump the bodies in the woods. His hobby is of course shooting wolves and also molesting them. Then he has sex with his wife imagining it is his daughter.  This is not an exaggeration at all. One of the alpha females decides to align herself with the bad guy and allows the bad guy to things to her. It is all very disturbing. Besides that, a lot of the book is talking about pollution and wht humans do to the environment...which is a given I suppose when you are writing about wildlife, but it just seems too heavy handed here. 

This is a very long book, around 600 pages, but it is all setup for the next two books in the trilogy. You mostly are getting the backstory and the personality off all the main characters, and how they reached the goal. (but it looks like Horwood is never going to write the final book. maybe the second one wrapped it up nicely.)

Therefore it is really hard to judge this book, as it is merely setup for another story. I'll have to read it and see how the journey unfolds. However, i wouldn't recommend it. If you really want a story about the last surviving wolves trying to find a holy land, I suggest Wolf's Rain.

6.5/10 stars
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