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Book #4: The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss

Be prepared for a quite a few plays and British authors coming up because I have slightly went book crazy and bought quite a few books. Plus I'm reading a lot of Shakespeare and other plays I have seen or discovered whilst in England. 

Anyway, this novel was really interesting. It's really refreshing to have a "player" type character who know that's who he is and knows that's how he is perceived. Actually, I think he relishes in that fact. He is a secret agent for King Bertie and is dragged into the strange case of two dead professors and free-thinkers. 

It's a very fun read and you cannot help but fall in love with Lucifer Box, even knowing all his bad characteristics and habits. I still fell for him. Maybe it was just me. 

He just is sexual being and knows the effect he has on women and men alike and isn't afraid of using that to his advantage or to gain an advantage. He is also dreadfully sharp and impeccably superficial. But you still develop feelings for him. 

The case itself is really interesting dealing with secret societies, a strange deal and connection between the two dead men, the missing/dead woman, and the eccentric chair-bound professor. Almost everything that happens in this novel is connected somehow and it is just very interesting how everything works together. 

Also, the way he uses Mount Vesuvius is absolute genius. 

Another one I would recommend; however, it will be hard to find in the States. 
Tags: conspiracy fiction, crime fiction

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