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Books 1 - 10.

1. Campbell & Bell Jr. - The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Book Of Revelation
Sticks to the Protestant viewpoint, but nicely neutral view of different interpretations and guide on what happens in each part. Got some new stuff out of it.

2. Pollan - Food Rules: An Eater's Manual
A companion to "In Defence Of Food", and good for when you wants just the points.

3. Sts Francis DeSales & Jane De Chantal - Letters Of Spiritual Direction
Letters from both, not necessarily to each other, both giving a good view of their spirituality and guidance style. :)

4. Collins - CSI: Double Dealer
Pretty good and engaging.

5. St Francis DeSales - The Sermons Of... On Our Lady
Something new, something I already knew.

6. Wong - John Dies At The End
Noticed that ending was clearly hard to get right, but it didn't end badly. Early and mid-parts had a bit more enthusiasm, but this is still a good book to read and own. :D

7. St Francis DeSales - The Sermons Of... On Prayer
A very short books since there was only four sermons on this subject, but very helpful.

8. Green - Looking For Alaska
Slightly frustrating, perhaps cos I'm far enough from their age (still, not frustrating like some books about that point of age can be, for example: "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower", which really annoyingly frustrated me, for some reason). Worth reading.

9. St Fracis DeSales - Thy Will Be Done! Letters Of...
Some of the letters were already in the book #3 that I read, but not too many. Easier to read.

10. St Francis DeSales - Treatise On The Love Of God (abridged)
What I think is a 'read once a year' kind of book, clear and with some very quotable parts. I'm not an advanced person in my devotional life, but it wasn't hard to get to understand about some advanced prayer styles (much easier than St Teresa Of Avila's "The Inner Castle" or something).

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