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3 More Books

The Art of DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon text by Tracey Miller-Zarneke.

I love How to Train Your Dragon, and I like books that are put out showing off all the hard work that went into the design and artwork that goes into making a film. That's what this book is. It has early character designs, background paintings, etc. If you're interested in animation and the work that going behind making films like this, then this is a book to check out.


Everything's Eventual by Stephen King.

This is a collection of short stories. I picked it out because it contains the story 1408 (which got turned into a horror movie) and I wanted to read it. There's a wide range of freaky stories in this book. 1408 is King's shot at a creepy hotel room story. The Man in the Black Suit is a story of a young boy who goes fishing and meets the Devil. Riding the Bullet is a twist on the ghost hitch hiker story. The Road Virus Heads North is about a creepy painting. Autopsy Room Four is about a man who is about to go through an autopsy, though he's still alive. There are also several stories that deal with extreme loneliness. A man contemplates suicide in a motel room, men going through divorces, wives leaving seemingly out of the blue. Not all of the stories kept my interest however. There's one about an old-timey mob hit that didn't interest me much, mainly because I'm simply not as interested in that era of history.

In the introductions to each story, King says that every writer should at some point or another, tackle the subjects he wrote about in this collection. I think I agree with him. Haunted hotel rooms and ghosts on the high way are horror classics that still have room for personal interpretation. This is a good book to read if you want short pieces to mostly leave a pleasant, but unsettling feeling.


The Complete Aquarium Guide: Fish, Plants and Accessories for Your Aquarium

I read this book because of the fish tank I've set up. I wanted to check and see if it had any tips on how I could improve it. One thing is for sure, this book is full of aquarium tips. All kind of fish, and everything from feeding to breeding to plants. One thing I found though was it was good on extremely general stuff, it didn't have very many tips that were useful to me. However, someone else might find it to be extremely helpful for their own aquarium needs.
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