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Books #11 and #12

Book #11 was "Towing Jehovah" by James Morrow. This is a re-read, but a very enjoyable one. My husband and I have started reading together more often and are joking that we're the "Infidel Book Club." The premise of Towing Jehovah is that God's body falls out of the sky and falls into the Atlantic Ocean. A supertanker captain is hired by the Vatican to tow his body to an icy tomb in the Artic, but, of course, all sorts of things go wrong along the way. Irreverant, well-written, lots of fun. I've liked everything I've read by him so far and it was fun to return to this one, my first introduction to Morrow's writing.

Book #12 was "Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just." This biography of a black man who was born just a few years after Emancipation and who suffered through the indignities of Jim Crow to get his PhD and become a leading authority in marine biology was really facinating. It was a little bit dry and academic in parts, but his life was so fascinating, it kept me reading. A couple of criticisms: 1) Just wrote a lot, and I wish he'd been quoted directly more often than he was in the book. 2) He was doing science in Europe during the rise of the Nazis just before World War II and was briefly interned; it's possible that not much documentation exists about this period in his life, but I thought it was a shame that the author only devoted, literally, three sentences to this era in Just's life. Overall, though, really a worthwhile read. His life was sad in many respects, and he was not an angel — he was a bit of a ladies man — but the things he accomplished depsite the adversity are really inspiring.

1. Blue Light [fiction- Walter Mosley
2. Titus Alone [fiction]- Mervyn Peake
3. "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" [non-fiction]- Beverly Tatum
4. Never Let Me Go [fiction]- Kazuo Ishiguro
5. The Jehovah Contract [fiction]- Victor Koman
6. When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes: The Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor [non-fiction/memoir]- Philip Zazove
7. The Foreign Student [fiction]- Susan Choi
8.V for Vendetta [fiction/graphic novel]- Alan Moore and David Lloyd
9. City at the End of Time [fiction]- Greg Bear (unabridged audiobook)
10. Figuring: The Joy of Numbers [non-fiction]- Shakuntala Devi

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