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Book #14: 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

Genre: Sci-fi
Number of pages: 252

I’ve read this story and seen the film before, but I love the way that it is told so I read it again. I love the way that it opens up in prehistoric times and then flashes forward several thousand years to the space age.

Of course, given the date, this book is now set in the past, and we all know none of this stuff could have actually happened, but that does not stop it from being compelling.

There will be some spoilers, so the rest is behind a cut:

I really enjoyed the whole plot involving Hal, and how he ended up killing most of the crew; the bit where Dave Bowman has to shut down Hal is kind of chilling, and a little sad at the same time, and it was all surprisingly easy to visualise.

The ending, with Bowman going through the star gate and becoming the “Star-child” was a bit baffling, but it’s probably best not to try and understand why it all happened at this point. I also loved the parallels drawn between the alpha male at the end of Chapter 5, and the Star-child at the end of the book – “…he was not sure what to do next. But he would think of something”.

I intend to re-read all three sequels too.

Next book: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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